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I am a multidisciplinary artist working in fiber-based installation, photography/film, performance, and social practice. I’m inspired to blend the boundaries between these ways of making, particularly the boundaries between artist and audience, and between process and final product. And yet my work is grounded in traditions. I work with craft on a haptic level, through a passionate engagement with materials and ideas rather than virtuoso technique. I am drawn to tinkering, inventive jury-rigging, and the long tradition of using little means to turn the mundane into the transcendent. Using the physicality and metaphor of weaving, my goal is to transform the scraps of our contemporary textile waste stream into timeless, elegant, and raw conglomerations of the ethereal natural world, ever hopeful to reconnect to the sacredness of nature all our ancestors felt. By reclaiming the cast-offs of ‘fast fashion’ and reinvesting the material with painstaking handwork, I hope to invite us to question how value and meaning are made.