Hello. My name is Manuela and I'm glad you found here. My content is Thinking outside the box, a combination of areas of spirituality, various forms of psychology, quantum physics, epigenetics, neuropsychology, therapy, pedagogy, conflict management, systemic work and more. My intention is to contribute to a soothing, inspiring, conscious, healing, peaceful & joyful being. My contributions are intended to promote awareness, impart knowledge, give hope, encourage, contribute to your healing, inspire, stimulate reflection in order to progress on the emotional, psychosocial or spiritual level. In order to grow in coping with life tasks and everyday challenges, in human interaction, and to master the processes of life as well as possible. Take what you need and what serves you. Homepage: www.take-away-fuer-die-seele.com or youtube chanel. take away for the soul

A lot of Inspiration for all