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I enjoy looking for ways to make things possible instead of naming the reasons why I shouldn’t do them. Therefore, right after getting my master degree in Marketing Communication I opened my own business – a studio for services such as marketing consultancy, branding, visual identity, graphic design and photography. It was like a dream coming true because when I was working for other companies’ brand departments or advertising agencies, I felt frustrated. What bothered me deep inside was the moral dilemma of working on projects that were not fully aligned with my understanding of doing business. The family and friends saw me as a successful youngster, having my own office and paying clients. However, the unavoidable dark night of the soul was just behind the corner. It was a hard and painful lesson but after all, I am so thankful for this experience. It taught me to trust my intuition, sense and follow my divine path and not to be afraid of letting things go when they don’t nurture me or the society anymore.

In the course of the past years I can proudly say that I have no plan, I am just dancing with the flow and enjoying how everything unfolds in front of my eyes. Serving the highest good brought me purpose, unconditional love and holistic health – my mind, body and soul are finally thriving. Currently I am focusing on implementing global tools into the local environment. That means working on a lot of regenerative projects in Slovak and Czech Republic and simultaneously being an ambassador of Gaianet and SEEDS. The Exosphere evolved very naturally and it is providing an umbrella under which I can combine and hold space for every partnership, initiative and know-how I have cultivated.

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Except the chocolate for me 😋, you can also donate resources, time, expertise or service to the Exosphere movement directly. If this is the case, please fill out this form.
Exosphere is a movement to regenerate our planet and expand human potential. Exosphere aspires to support creating a new paradigm by designing spaces for communities to co-create a thriving world in harmony with nature and their divine purpose.
Creating an atmosphere of regeneration and playful co-creation doesn't happen overnight and like in the actual Atmosphere, we need to go through layers to get to the outermost layer of Earth - Exosphere.
There's no need to reinvent the wheel. We are connecting the projects that are already on the way to regenerate the world into a unique set of initiatives that will support creation of the community-type living space, while creating initiatives on our own:
Atmosphere of regeneration - online course focused on 12 fields of regeneration, Exosphere Community Platform to grow, play and co-create together, Cultivating Geosphere - spreading awareness about the (hidden) power of trees, soil, and crystals, Becoming weightless - cacao ceremonies and meditation workshops enabling people to connect to their heart and to learn how to work with their energetic bodies).
Our initiatives will support the systemic change that needs to happen for the Earth(lings) to thrive and create a fertile soil for the actual Exosphere Spaceship, a community-based living space to launch perfectly.
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