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Hi, I'm Marijn. I'm a Software Engineer during the day and tinkerer, hacker and robot builder at night!

I grew up in a family business. In this case, that family business being a recreational accommodation for large groups (Up to a 100 people). Our family has also been organising SummerCamps for the Youth since 1972.

Did you know my dad was one of the first to introduce kids to the computer on these SummerCamps with the Phillips P2000, Commodore 64? Really proud of him.

Around age 10 I stuck a teaspoon inside of a running pc (an old 386) and after that I was hooked to computers. True story. Several decades later.. and here you are.. staring at my profile! :-)

Its my imperative to work on stuff that matters. thats kinda hard in IT since it's so abstract, but I do my best to contribute in anyway I can; From Combat Robots to Classic Cars.