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I was the past few days on a news site I’m following, CNN. A catchy news caught my attention for a few seconds. A company boasts of just launching a robot dog dancing, climbing stairs, opening doors … “how nice, right ?!” From the cycle, “let’s throw Rex in the garbage!”🤖🤖

Starting from here, it followed me and keeps following me a question for some time. It is argued, discussed, debated … people with a great reputation in the field or the digital environment give their opinion, sketch different scenarios. As if it were not enough, Terminator, Matrix and the Netflix series like Black Mirror, Westworld, bring to the forefront the idea of ​​artificial intelligence that gets crazy and makes us stardust, more dust than stars actually.

Well, I’m among those worried or afraid of technology. Yeah, I heard bullshit before. Thank God, the cars will be self-driven in order for us to have more time for Netflix & chill. Exaggerated, don’t you think? There is no problem that instead of traditional jobs, others will appear, whose names we do not know now yet. Agreed. Just let’s slow down.

Let's think a little. One minute, no more.🙈

My dear ones, it is essential to recognize. Technology, and our less true-more virtual life has undergone a change. Something in our DNA has changed. It’s like, you discover overnight that you have a new organ. It’s kind of a third eye. At first it’s awkward, you have to scratch there from time to time. Over some period, it’s part of you and takes fully control. Before it, you made more effort. For example, you needed information at school. You were supposed to look for the library, knock at the door. Look through the bookshelves, see the letter “M” that interests you, find the book, read it. Or another option was to ask around. That meant socializing – Social Networking, ”the hard way”. Look at another human being directly in the eye, smile at them. 👁As a remark, think about how much visual contact was needed! To interpret the reactions of the other – in the worst case. Now the third eye, instantly answers to you. Do you need to see a movie and look for a recommendation? Bam- Google it! You have it. Your relationship has not been going fine for some time? Bam- Google it! Do you want to write a personalized message of “Happy Birthday” to someone dear? – Bam. Google it. Is here. “Should I break up with him/her? Bam- Google it. Did your battery die? Bam – God forbid, it is no longer possible without Google it. Yes, go Google it!!! The third eye solves you anywhere, anytime, anyway.📲📲

Google it!

Funny- Google it is starting to think in our place. Our real eyes began to weaken. Normally, if we do not use them anymore with Google it! Nicholas Carr, an American journalist, notes that the ability to focus and interpret our information in general, drastically decreased. Practically, we perceive fragmented information. As if somebody would pour out the information with a very fragmented funnel into our brain. You’re on a piece of news, you’ll get a notification. You go to the link and see the neighbor’s commentary. Answer. The Instagram roars. You move over. All this up and down … and meanwhile, you scroll and see a pair of glasses or a bag or a business watch. It’s tiring, it’s too tiring, we’re eternally tired, eternally in a hurry. We always fear not to lose something importantGoogle it, if you do not trust me 😜. Our eyes began to see in the fog, in a full mist. Hey, but there are advantages. Google cannot fail, it’s scheduled to be accurate. You and I, we do. We can be wrong, we can feel, we need a real connection. We “get sick” if we do not use our eyes. It’s our eyes. Their main quality is to helping us see. But there is a small obstacle. We only see if we want. And what we do not want, does not matter to us.

To end up in an optimistic note, it’s perfectly okay to depend on this third eye. But the continuation sounds like this: #as long as we understand that this eye is just an attachment of the two that belong to us and we already have. We are designed to feel, to love, to believe in something, to build, to create to the same extent as we need to know, to be productive, to get things easy.

That’s what I had to say. If you have read this article untill this point, you are lucky. You cope really well with the information boom we are subjected to- daily, dear reader. Congratulations!👏👏👏


P.S: Leave me a comment below and tell me if you think that technology and the internet change our way of life. I want to know how you feel about how the future looks from your perspective. Text me!

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👉If you wish to read also the Romanian version or see the full article, check it here!