Yowzers! So when the tower turns up in a reading my eyes do open a little wider! There is usually a collective drop of the shoulders in anticipation of what this means in regards to everything. As humans our base instinct is survival so when the tower arrives there is an indication up upheaval, change and uncertainty. This reading is not about me lol! It's about the collective energy, but I've had so many tower moments in the last year, its become my new normal so my perspective on tower energy is slightly different and may help you embrace the transformative conduit that it serves as rather than the disasters you are quietly concocting in your head right now.

The tower doesn't always mean drastic changes, only you will know your situation. But to be fair, the scene isn't pretty is it? Its dark, the clouds are grey, there's a roaring fire and people willingly jumping out of a building. But lets look at this reasonably! With the crown being blown off the top of the building there's an indication here of something explosive being revealed that blew the lid off something that was always a pressure cooker waiting to be shattered. Notice that the fire is at the top of the building not the base. This is something that shook the mental capability of acceptance. The crown which I translate to mean airs and graces of illusion have dropped been and everyone is trying to save themselves here. The base on the other hand as we can see isn't and wasn't ever stable. Why would you build something on unstable land? It's an illegal building that shouldn't even be there... Something here was built on rocky land that seems isolated from anything else and as we know anything that went up on an unstable foundation, must come back down in order to rebuild and start from a clean slate. It's epic!

This card arrives when change needs to occur. Could be life changing you know the big things - love, work, home, travel if this is your story you will know and do what you need to stabilise again but it can also show up as a warning to prevent you from pursuing a pathway that won't yield results. So incorporating slight alterations so you don't veer off track - whatever that means for you.

So consider what the tower means to you right now in your life; and make the necessary changes to either swerve the tower and redirect that energy into growth and expansion or in the good old fashion way, let things crumble so you can rebuild with authenticity and a renewed passion.

It could really indicate that it's time for a glow up in all areas of you life people so embrace the tower always remembering that that being too comfortable can keep you stagnant, energy is meant to flow. Don't keep doing the same things as you will continually yield the same result especially when you're seeking change and growth and embrace tower energy as an excuse to shake things up and create something you love and feel proud of!