MG’s are similar to Generators except that they can put their energies into many things at once and they need to do that to utilise their energies in the right way. You probably know someone who has multiple interests and thrives working on multiple projects. This person could be an MG. They are often more focussed and productive when they are busy, but others often make them feel like they have no focus and that their energies are a little scattered - it may seem to be the case but interestingly, this is how they operate best in the world and how they fulfill their potential. They don’t have great attention to detail because they work efficiently, fast and learn quickly so they become stronger in conviction when in collaboration with others to plug the holes they leave open.  Like a generator, MG’s have to do work that is fully satisfying. 

MG’s are also sacral beings with some additional components to their armour: to visualise and inform. They have the motor contact from their sacral to the throat like a manifestor which leads them to think they can initiate. In theory, they can if they get the sacral blessing but the efficacy of the sacral response is more powerful when waiting to respond like the Generators than when they want to initiate.

Yoga prescription

For your practice you may benefit and enjoy various yoga methods even some fusion styles that keep your attention and focus but are varied enough to keep youn lit!

Class - Dynamic Vinyasa/ Astanga with fun inversions and transitions - functional movement with interesting additional quirky practices fused such as barre, body weight exercises and Callisthenics.

Poses - Dancing (reverse) warrior, Dancers pose, Bakasana (crow pose) handstands, in short any balance that involves strength and variety...

Contemplation in meditation - When you meditate use visualision as your tool to manifest your creations from the beginning of the process through to the end. 

Prayer or affirmations: MG’s may benefit from voicing their desires rather than keeping them silently within.

May I continue to move through life with enthusiasm and passion, creating and crafting with the patience and understanding that we are all energetic beings operating at differing strengths and frequencies. Although my natural instinct is to initiate may I be granted the serenity of silence to listen deeper to the subtle hum of my sacral power and act on that calling through the power of divine timing.