Manifestors make up just 9% of the population. The only energy type here who can initiate. Closed and repelling aura but powerful, impulsive with pure magic. People know when you have entered the room, it's a presence, it's a voice, you really command attention in a way a real leader should. You don’t have a defined sacral centre so will operate on short bursts of energy. But what you lack in physical energy you will make up for with ideas and creativity. What you possess is the defined throat through to one of the motors - this is what makes you a Manifestor in the Human Design system. You are the architect, a pure doer and this is where your energy derives. 

You have 3 areas of proliferation

  1. You can act independently,  

  2. Because you can initiate, you also inspire and catapult others to take action

  3. You impact others not only through your energy but through your manifestations

Essentially this is the energy type we have all been conditioned to be. Most of us are told to be go getters and get things done when really most of us thrive when in receptive environments. In spite of this powerful manifesting energy, Manifestors don’t have the energy to work in a sustainable fashion  (Open sacral) and if in a 9-5 can become frazzled and even moody. They are not here to be controlled or managed and enjoy working alone. Very impactful and dynamic being unapologetic about who you are. You just need to trust that the right people show up around you and allow you to be exactly who you need to be, which is to utilise the strategy to initiate then to inform. This can obviously rub people up the wrong way especially where communications are concerned. The Manifestor is compelled and driven to work fast and effectively which can leave others behind dismayed and disgruntled which can lead to profound feelings of loneliness for the Manifestor.

Yoga prescription

Class: Restorative. The Manifestor doesn’t have access to high levels of energy and is not designed to be worn out at the end of the day like a Generator. You may also enjoy a gentler yoga practice for more movement 

Yoga pose: Supine butterfly with a bolster. Lay down over a bolster supporting the length of the spine, draw the souls of the feet together letting the knees fall wide. Support the outer hips with blocks or cushions.

Contemplation in meditation - Cultivate a daily gratitude practice as an inflow of energy to the heart especially when things feel challenged and stagnant

Prayer or affirmations: I am a self contained magnetic being who strives to inform others who will be most impacted by my decisions. I am thankful for all the blessings I have in my life. I will focus on cultivating gratitude in my heart centre by breathing in loving, happier peaceful energy and breathing out repelling, toxic energy. By doing this I bring a sense of balance and wholeness to be my being.