The gift of the Projector is to master a system. To lead and guide utilising their inner wisdom and intuition. They operate on stolen moments of energy as they do not have consistent access to reserves like the Generators or MG’s of the world as they have an open sacral centre (see diagram above). They are simply not here to work in the traditional sense of the word. Anything that involves physical labour or a 9-5 really isn’t for the Projector energy type. Because of this, they are often perceived as lazy. They are not. They are simply not built to meet life in that way. The majority of them act like MG’s which will work for short periods of time when they are in the juicy generator and MG’s energy but it will unravel eventually as the open sacral energy isn’t sustainable and they will struggle to keep up leading them to lose their enthusiasm.

A Projector living in design i.e is healthy and happy and has no bitterness or desperation. They wait to be recognised and invited. Not just any invitation, it's often a big life changing invitations with very little happening in between so big life experiences like moving house, job offers, marriage, travel, they must come from being invited - isn’t this fascinating? 

It won’t feel fascinating to the Projector though as they naturally feel called to share their gifts with the world. They often don’t feel seen which can become an empowering aspect of their design when they are as they can then thrive through invitation.  They have an amazing library of wisdom to share with others. Ask them anything and you will receive a response that will enlighten and inspire. 

Yoga Prescription

Projectors like to be immersed in effervescent vibrant energy so may enjoy group classes but you are not designed to hold sacral energy for long periods of time and have a tendency to not know when enough is enough. So strong work outs won’t be suitable long term. 

Class:  Yin/yang practice would really suit the Projector as it allows you to raise your heart rate a little then slow it all the way down with a replenishing Yin or restorative session that will help restore the lost reserves.

Poses - Downward dog. This is wonderful for the Projector aura as although it’s a dynamic inverted pose, it allows the Projector to retain energy by encouraging a full body experience, opening and stretching the hamstrings, chest and hips but at the same time each limb is essentially contributing to the inner and outer experience cultivating stillness and steadiness through the subtle power of awareness and wisdom which is essentially the epitome of a Projector.

Contemplation in meditation - Consciously believe you are a valuable resource to the world.

Prayer or affirmations: May I be granted the gift of surrender. To trust that the opportunity to share my wisdom will arise when the right invitation is presented to me. The possibilities and opportunities are endless when I use my aura type to conserve my energy for those exciting adventures where I can express myself to help others reach their full potential. 

I love myself enough to respect my body and rest when I need to

I love myself enough to follow my passions whilst awaiting amazing invitations

I love myself enough to believe I am truly valuable and worthy of greatness

Famous Projectors: Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Marilyn Monroe, JFK