Reflectors are the rarest of all the energy types they represent only 1% of the population. The Reflector is a truly powerful mirror, taking in everything in their environment and reflecting  it back. They have all 9 centres undefined meaning that its key for a Reflector to be in the right environment. A happy Reflector mirrors a happy environment. They have a powerful perspective that can benefit all the other energy types immensely. 

Reflectors can do anything they want as long as they wait a full lunar cycle to make the decision. What I find fascinating about the Reflector is that you will indulge in full discussions about decisions you are currently contemplating with others you consider to be inspirational not because you want their opinion or guidance; but because you need a sound board so you can hear your voice reflecting back. This helps you pull your thoughts together as you decide which course of action to follow. Your process takes 28 days (A full lunar cycle)  so this is subject to change as the month goes on as you need to feel how this decision resonates in each of your 64 gates. 

Yoga prescription

Class: Moon sequence. You enjoy being around others but with all your open centres It's great for you to follow a sequence that balances your energies. The moon flow is a cooler sequence,  the opposite of sun salutations that generate heat. With all your centres open you will also seek balance as you are subjected to many other energies during your day. Your energy like the projectors is limited so you can practice this for short intervals. 30-40 mins sessions are great but practice for a long as the body feels it needs to...

Poses: Anjaneyasana, Horseface pose 

Contemplation in meditation: May I be surrounded by serenity and beauty

Affirmation or prayer: I am in my power when I am surrounded by magic. May I be blessed with a community of inspirational people who reflect all the treasures the world has to offer.

I will honor the decision making process by taking my time to feel things out and letting the energy flow through me freely.