Buy Mary Reynolds founder of We Are The Ark - Acts of Restorative kindness to the Earth a cuppa


Hey there! A couple of years ago I founded the global movement We are the Ark - Acts of restorative kindness to the earth. If you would like to support me to keep driving this movement forward, giving talks and podcasts, making informative videos and writing articles about Arking, I would really appreciate it. I will share my own Ark building journey here in return. :-) Over the part number of years I have been building a house on an agricultural field in Ireland. Myself and my kids will be moving into it in September (fingers crossed) and then I will be over there full time, making videos, adding more ponds, building stone walls, living willow structures for shelter, food forest development etc etc. 

If you can help support my work I would be so grateful! I wont be making anything private or member only as I don't want to keep this information away from anyone who cannot afford it. So please don't worry if you cant buy me a cuppa! I would like to be able to keep spreading this patchwork quilt of hope all around this planet. We can restore her true nature patch by patch. Its time to become guardians, not gardeners. :-) Let's get Arking!