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Podcast host | Startup Founder | Tech Writer

I've been a creator ever since I can remember. It started with legos, as it did with most kids. Then from 5th grade through college, I was immersed with music. I learned trumpet, guitar, piano, and plastered my music all over the internet while I tried to "make it" as a singer-songwriter.

I then tried my hand at startups. I wasn't half bad at it. I scaled my company from $0 to $25,000/mo, got an investment from Jason Calacanis, then blew it all up

As of recent, I've found myself in the middle of a podcast and generally write posts multiple times a week. If there was a way to get some support from my fans, I would be able to invest more time and energy into my podcast and writings. This would be amazing! Help me get there by buying me a coffee. Thanks :)