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Hello, my name is Maxim Kokarev. I am a musician and composer with a lot of experience. One of my hobbies is ReaScript programming.

I am the author of Reaper scripts:
MK Slicer - transient based sample slicing, quantization of samples or markers, randomization of various parameters, sampling and conversion to midi.
MK Shaper/Stutter - envalope based, non-destructive audio shaping, emphasis or suppression of attacks, rhythmically or transient based sidechaining.

The scripts that I create are, first of all, real working tools that allow to save time and effort in routine actions. I strive for perfection by unwittingly turning my work projects into a script beta testing platform. And it's worth it.

Thanks to your support, the Slicer and Shaper projects are developing and making working with sound much easier. Thank you!