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Open Source Community

I spend a lot of time contributing to open-source software. This is software that is freely available to anyone at any time. I don't get paid for this, I do it out of conviction. A lot of my time is spent on two big projects: A program called GPX Animator to create animated map videos from excursions recorded by cell phone or GPS, and Komunumo, a software to manage communities and their members and to plan events. But I also contribute to many other open-source projects and communities.

Additionally, I support the software developer community by volunteering for the Java User Group Switzerland and by helping to organize conferences like JavaLand, Voxxed Days, BaselOne, the Workshop Days, and much more.

Bike Packing Community

To compensate for all the time I spend at the computer, I am also very active on my bike. But I don't just ride around the city. What excites me most is ultra-long distance cycling (e.g. Trans USA, more than 7'200 km, from the Atlantic to the Pacific). Not as a race, but as an experience. Of course, I do a lot of shorter tours, like day trips, over the weekend, or even a few days/weeks, too.

For some time now I have been recording my experiences on video. My ambition is not to create professional travel documentaries, but reasonably decent amateur recordings that you will enjoy watching. Videos, that take you into the world of bike travel as if you were there and riding along. I publish these videos for free on YouTube. If you support me at Patreon, you also have the possibility to watch the videos several weeks before the public release!

What about a coffee?

Do you like what I do for the Open Source community or for the Bike Packing community? Please consider buying me a ☕, I'll highly appreciate it!