I hope everyone is keeping well and in good spirits we are in difficult times and I can't thank people enough for their donations they are really making a big difference I have just added to my fur family and adopted a 7 month old husky Cross grayhound her name is Wanda aka baby girl 🐺😍😘 had her less than a week but love her so much her previous owner had her and one of her brothers Bucky (yes there's a Avengers theam🤣) but didn't have the time/energy to keep up with them both and 3 kids a 4, 6 and 9 year old crazy busy house haha 😂 so Baby girl came to our fur family she's a little skinny so all donations at the moment are going on extra chiken fillets, pork chops and mince meat for her Mikah my nearly 5 year old fuz baba is being a good roll model so far and is even sharing his favourite treats bakers sizzlers if you knew Mikah you would know how big that is 😍🐶 proud fuz mama ❤️🐾but has put his foot down that he's the only dog on the people bed 🤣 so Wanda has claimed both the dog bed and the new couch Mikah is having second thourghts I think he wants the leather couch now but too late 😂🤣😂🤣 you snooze you lose Mikah!