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Greetings. I'm Tony of Meek Wizard Machining.
I like to reinvent wheels in that I make retro game parts and items in metal regardless if it is needed or not.
Phil bought 2 cup of teas.

Fantastic work - always great to see a creative mind truly indulging in what they love doing! 🔥

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it's like you knew my (recently aqquired) vectrex controller shell is "not ideal".... I'm, looking at all the options to correct this

The 3D model for the controller shell still needs some work to not need so much manual re-work after printing. But it is slowly getting there.

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You are so very talented! I enjoy our life rants, cant wait to see what you do next!

Ranting keeps me sane. Don't ever stop.

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Your work is more exquisite than a cup of Silver Needle Jasmine Tea!

Thank you for your kind words. It ushers me to try to do more cool creations when I'm sitting late at night in the glare of my computer screen sipping my tea and casually doodling on things from my to-do-list.

Brett Walach
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You have a rare gift my friend... and... it's... your rapid fire with your thumb!  Haha... j/k, you slay the mechanical dragons as well, like no other I know.

Many mechanical dragons have perished by my hands. I expect I will jam a few more dragons into that mass grave before it can be filled up with soil. :-)