Personal Rambling of a very sarcastic human

After years of not journaling I decided that I want to share my ramblings with the world. Why you ask? Well I’m vain enough to think maybe they might be better useful!!!
I’m a 47 year old middle class administrator with a passion for mental health and equality between the haves and have nots that walk this world feeling internally different to others for the simple reason that their coping skills are less developed and they perhaps need more support to achieve inner peace in a world that is somewhat too loud for them.

Through no fault of their own they are marginalised and made to feel they are second class and this in turn is devastating to any contribution they want to give society. Creativity that is sometimes linked to mental illness is lost because of prejudice and judgement.

i want to change the perception that just because I’m depressed and sarcastic I don’t have as much to offer society (perhaps even more) as said sane members.
I will let you all be the judge of that.

Off now...