Unfortunately like a dog pushed to a corner, the dog has no other recourse then to yelp, growl and bite!

I have been told that If I don’t get the Jab me and 300+ employees will lose our Job May 6th. I have been told by many to just get the jab and move on. No! Its not that simple! To many side effects to even consider it, even more it’s totally 💯 un-American to force this on adults and children! Not for me or my children. I will continue to fight and not comply! I have already filed complaints state and federally! Unfortunately these people still are willing to push us im this corner! But we are not few but many patriots and freedom loving people, in the USA 🇺🇸 or around the world. Many do not comply and will not comply! Thank you for your support! From the heart with all sincerity

Your fellow patriot and friend,

MetaMan X