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Welcome and thanks for joining us. I’m asking for donations to help support and continue The Voice4Chefs podcast. We started this podcast to honor and recognize the sacrifices chefs make.  This work is physically demanding, long hours and extremely stressful conditions. When the pandemic hit many Chefs lost their jobs and had to reinvent themselves. We all know how the pandemic has and is still impacting so many. It has taken a great toll on the chefs of the world many have lost hope for their craft. Voice4Chefs is a podcast dedicated to supporting chefs who dedicate their lives to serve others through food. The show production costs have greatly increased and we need your support to continue producing this global podcast.  We hope you will support the voices of the chefs of the world.

Our goal is to raise $100 per month to pay for the hosting site and other expenses. If you'd prefer to make a one-time donation, click "Support" in the box to the right to select an amount.
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