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Biden denies there is an inflation crisis, Americans feel the economic strain

Sep 20, 2022
Biden denies there is inflation and an economic problem, but around the nation we are seeing massive amounts of houses that are in pre-foreclosure, 3 months of not paying their mortgage because the cost of everything has gone up. Here are a few examples. Northridge, CA - 78 homes, Beverly Hills - 53, Las Vegas - 3,958, Miami - 591, Sherman Oaks, CA - 104, and these numbers go up daily. We are in a real estate recession that is going to get worse. We then have to ask are the banks liquid. In August the mounts of deposits into banks was negative. It is important to understand if your bank is strong or may be in trouble. We are in a recession and have to ask the right questions, not go by what Biden and the Whitehouse says. They are wrong. If you want more access to me, go to: http://www.lodge-co.com
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