Michael Lodge, NCPM, CRTP: As a mediator I hear workplace disputes, more cases about politics inside businesses because CEO/Senior Execs are taking political position that are not agreed to by employees. Politics creates conflict within companies. Politics is not ethical, and it creates unethical behavior that offends employees and supporters of their business. Disney has become one of those companies where the CEO took a political position on a Florida law that was not supported by the gay community within its workforce. Then there are the other employees that are offended that their CEO would take a political position as a company head against parents’ rights on teaching their small kids on sexuality or transgender issues.

One politics slithers its way into a company it never is good. With politics you are going to offend people and their own personal beliefs and then that creates conflict. Disney is one of those companies that let politics into their business, when in fact they should have a strong political policy within their company so political conflict does not develop. Every single company should have within its employment handbook a section that addresses politics within the workforce. Disney may have it, I don't know. If not, they should have and the CEO down to the lowest level should comply with it. Employee workplace conflict costs businesses billions of dollars every year, as well as the money they loose from their customers and clients that get offended. Businesses have to watch this issue very closely; conflict is never good, and politics should be obtained from so conflict does not develop.