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Hi! I'm Thomas, a freelance F1 journalist and co-owner of Ireland's only accredited F1 site

It's a tough business, and a very costly one! If you enjoy what I do and read my stories, watch my videos, or follow my Twitter, your support will always be welcome!

Please consider becoming a member (which will also grant you access to my Discord channel!), or just sending me a tip. Thanks!

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Bernadette Maher
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Mervyn Nutley
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Thanks for your work Thomas, keep it up!!👍 

Jaysus Mervyn thanks very much - extremely appreciated!

Elaine bought 3 coffees.

Nice to see an Irish man in F1. 

Ah Elaine, thanks very much! Appreciate it. Tough going trying to turn this into a career, so support like this is much appreciated!

Someone bought 3 coffees.

Enjoy following you on Twitter! Keep up the great work!

Thank you very much! Very much appreciated!