Hey folks! I am Midnight. I carefully handpick the most soothing lofi , slowed and reverbed songs, and curate them right here to give you the comfort/relaxation/calm you need, scratch that, DESERVE! Whether you're sick of your monotonous routine at work, tired of flipping through your course books, heartbroken or simply low-in-spirits, don't fret and hop on! Sit back, put on your headphones, and revel in these utterly relaxing tracks that will instantly get the stress monkey off your back!

Trust me, you'll thank me later!

The world around us is at war, and there's hatred, intolerance, lynchings, all around. In such a scenario, even the minutest of your efforts can help someone get rid of their worries, which is precisely what we aim at doing.

It's your support is what keeps us going, and helps us in achieving our very goal.

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Love and Sukoon 💜