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I write a short weekly column about the big, little, strange, and similar things I've experienced living abroad in Europe.

In 2004, I moved from South Dakota to Lower Saxony, Germany and have now been living in Basque Country, Spain since 2012. It has been a wonderful adventure with so many little stories along the way.

This column is a way for me to capture as many of them as possible and hopefully entertain a bit as well.

If you would like to read the latest columns, they are available in my hometown newspaper, The Platte Enterprise. One month later, they will be published here for online readers. (I am currently in the process of formatting and posting all previous entries here as well.)

If you like what you see, maybe share it with a friend. If you really like it, maybe buy me a coffee. No obligation at all. The columns will always be free because I really enjoy writing them.

Thanks for stopping by,


Midwestern Europe

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