Even if Midterms are next week, hiking somewhere with your Business major boyfriend is still a priority. Even if you need to catch up with your finals, watching "Love, Rosie" this weekend with her is still a priority. Ahhhhhh, College love. One of the best days of your life.

I still remember dating in college, and I could assure you that it is not just all about coffee-runs, quick lunch dates, wasted Friday night parties, semestral breaks, dormitory curfews, sorority rules, fraternity meetings, and prelims headaches.

1.) College is a playground for instant interactions with anyone, anywhere

Social interactions are everywhere- from the mysterious seatmate at Physics class, the college representative your lover talked to at the gym or the team mate at the Community Service organization. The more people, the more choices. 

When we were children, we wanted each other’s toys at the playground.

Now that we’re in college, we wanted each other’s lover at everywhere: library, classroom, gym, bars, hallways or parking areas. Let’s just say that INTERACTION in college is wider, more flexible and interesting.

So don't freak out when they make a new opposite-gender friend from Villegas Hall.

2.) The Academics is really the number one priority

C’mon, that’s why we call it the University because we’re not only here to go on dating every hour at the ice cream place.

We worked all through high school to get the required GPA and even emptied our parents’ bank accounts just to enroll here so our degrees matter.

We’re also here to break our brains at Finance or struggled through memorizing the penal codes at Media Law.

It’s a normal occurrence whenever you call your lover while she or he is in front of the laptop from 1am-6am just to finish a book report on The Life of Jose Rizal. 

So please forgive him or her when she or he couldn’t spend the entire day or even a week with you. Especially during Midterms.

3.) Increased chance of meeting the parents

Both of you are adults now, sooner or later, you have to meet the folks if you want a relationship milestone. 

If you think your relationship is serious, one of you in some way or another, would think of introducing your lover to your family.

It’s a challenge because your lover’s parents would take your relationship seriously.

It is likely that the parentals would perceive how will you be as their potential son or daughter-in-law.

They will ask what degree you are taking, if you are planning to pursue a Master’s degree or Medicine or Law, what your plans after college, where you might possibly work after graduation or even as peculiar on how you think about your dean.

Just be polite all the time.

4.) Part-time jobs are time-consuming for a college student

College is expensive and one has to scrimp and save or earn in some way.

It’s not only working in part-time jobs that one could earn but some organizations or school-related jobs are offering some percentage cut-cost if you work for the school paper, yearbook, camera club, student organization, student assistance, part time instructors, messengers and college secretaries.

The challenge in your relationship? She or he might not be readily available at all times.

So just wait for the end of his or her shift. 

If you wouldn’t understand, pay for their tuition instead. Wow, that might be possible if you're an heiress.

5.) You know, both or one of you, will always have future plans after graduation.

Let’s face it: it’s inevitable. Both or one of you already had that blueprint for the future after graduation.

Good, if you laid out the plan and made sure that no one gets left behind.

Bad, if it seemed like you need to break up after graduation because it seems like you'll be going in to different ways.

Having an open and honest communication on planning for the future such as where to work and where to live is very important if you want to keep the relationship working. You have to talk about long-distance relationships, sharing apartments, pursuing graduate studies or even as simple as taking a break for a few months before applying for a job. 

That’s why college relationships aren’t easy because it’s more mature and more serious.

But of course, love will win and true love works out in the end. Just remember, real love isn’t easy because it’s real. Just make sure you don’t forget to write your thesis. #