Minty/Arty M

Weekly Update #3

Jun 21, 2021

I am extra late this time!

And thats only because I have been extra busy this last week.

I am on my last 2 weeks at my day job before the move. I decided to end my work schedule 2 weeks before my actual move date so I have that time to pack up all the bits and pieces in the house. But because that only leaves me with 2 weeks of work, Im trying to squeeze in passing on my knowledge to my coworkers as much as possible.

And even though I left 2 weeks to pack, Im still trying to pack up things while Im not at work. And I still keep trying to create content even though I cant build or paint or whatever right now because everything is being packed. BUT IM STILL TRYING. So its keeping me busy.

Even today I have spent probably 2 hours sorting through and packing things, when I should probably use one of my last days off to rest for the 9 straight days of work before I leave.

Did I mention Im shit at scheduling? Cuz Im shit at scheduling.

I wish I had more actual "product" or content related news to share, but like I mentioned before, everything is kind of on pause until the move is over.

I keep making mock ups and stuff, but I dont want to announce anything until closer to when I can make them become actual products. Otherwise I feel like Im making promises that are going unfulfilled. And we have enough of that in our lives....

Anyway, Im going to wrap this up. I have adult things I have to do before Im allowed to play genshin...


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