—Did you love him?

— Of course I Did! I was with him wasn’t I?

— And after everything happened, did you keep on loving him?

— Even though it is hard to admit, yes. I kept… keep loving him.

— So… Why you did not fight back? Why you didn’t do anything to keep him with you ?

— How ? It wouldn’t have change the outcome. I knew that even if I loved him, our love couldn’t keep happening. Sometimes you try to force things and no matter how much you try, you just know deep down is not gonna work… so you stop trying. I realized it was enough. We only kept hurting each other, we only remembered all the bad stuff and forgot about he good times. I shouldn’t even say that I will always love him. I won’t forget about him, I still Look back at our relationship and see how much we loved each other at some point, I will always cherish those moments. Maybe he now hates me. Maybe his friends hate me because “ I did not love him”, but nobody knows how was it for me. Nobody knows how many smiles he stole from me, oh god I miss those good days. Maybe it was me the one who was wrong, maybe I did not think through, but I loved him. I thought for a while that I finally forgot about him, that I got over everything we went through, until I saw him laughing with his friends… he was happy. I understood that I did not forget about him, I understood that no matter how fast time changes, my love for him was always going to be intact. I know he is happy without me, just how I was happy with him.