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I'm Scarlet, a passionate Queen of Spades Cuckoldress living in abundance and authenticity with my cuck in the Houston, Texas area.  I'm a blogger and advocate for the female-focused elements of the cuckolding, hotwifing, and slut lifestyles.

I've been sharing snapshots of my fiancé and I's journey from a traditional monogamous couple to a female-empowered ethically non-monogamous cuckolding dynamic on my blog since July of 2020.  Our expression of cuckolding allows me to maintain relationships with plethora of lovers while my cuck remains sexually monogamous to me.  In our sex life I make the rules, initiate all the play, and my pleasure cums first.  

Initiating and maintaining a healthy relationship dynamic that runs counter to the traditional patriarchal construct can be fraught with challenges and unexpected gifts.  My passion is to share our raw and authentic experience to normalize the experiences of those initiating their journey behind us.  We are stronger when we utilize the collective resources of the cuckolding community.

I am also the Co-founder of the SlutSisters Movement, a collective of sexually liberated, unshamed, and transformed women supporting and empowering one another.  My Co-Founder and SlutSister Goddess Aine is also on buymeacoffee.  To learn more about her expansive journey of integrating sexuality and spirituality and to support her pursuits visit the Sexualchemy buymeacoffee page and please consider supporting her. The SlutSisters community will be wildly available later this year, I will be sharing updates on this page and my website. 

I've shared our story on several podcasts in wide circulation, participated in Q&A sessions, and hosted countless chats about this beautiful relationship dynamic.  Your support of my blog, lifestyle engagements, and the SlutSisters movement will greatly assist me in reaching my evergreen goal of uplifting healthy cuckolding relationships.  Thank you for your generosity and support.

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