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Pusit (Pooh-sit) here! I Mainly play ACNH to have chill times & fun chats! Pls Check my Multi-gaming channel @ & sometimes I draw😊 I began playing ACNH in 2020 to Relax, Chill Out and Unwind but didn't start streaming until 2021. I solely play Animal Crossing (for my multi gaming channel, head to SwtPusit's REC ROOM, link below😚). My goal is to a) provide useful and inspirational videos b) provide a safe place to hang out and chat c) meet YOU and d) build a community with YOU to Relax, Chill Out and Unwind! Let's build this Chillax community together! Let's go #ChillaxSquad! I don't have a regular schedule so please subscribe so that you can be notified when I am streaming or uploaded a new video. I hope you enjoy the streams/videos! Please like, comment, share and subscribe... It really helps the channel and I truly appreciate your support! Thank you!