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I develop various open-source software in my free time and maintain [community] Arch Linux packages as a Trusted User.

Lately many people have asked me how to support me with donations.

In order to make it easier for you to make a donation, feel free to buy me a coffee here or send manually to: "paypal cat nicohood dog de".

Thanks for all the great feedback from you!

Dave bought 2 coffees.

Love the Nintendo controller Arduino library man, I’m well on my way now to living my dream of wave bird with wireless rumble now!:D

Chriss bought a coffee.

Many thanks. You just saved my project, otherwise we had many trouble...❤️ 

Someone bought a coffee.
Andrew Tuline bought a coffee.

Have probably bought you a coffee in the past, but damn, I use your IRLRemote library a lot.

Allen Derusha bought a coffee.

Used your cool library to build this stupid thing: