Chapter 0: Introduction

Another day and another life of a normal highschool boy and also both Otaku and a gamer.... By the way that's me Shun Kurosaki

I like a lot of stuffs actually, every weekdays after school I would hurry up and play at a nearest computer shop for maybe a hour and two and when I got home I'll finish my school works then either watch anime or anime related novel

Such is my leisure life

My most favorite genre for either anime, manga, and novel are Isekai genre in which a person goes to another world, where he obtain a overpowered superpower and create his very own harem

I like it that way but I'm not fond of harem I rather stick to one cause after All i consider myself a loyal person

For games my favorites are either league of legends or Left 4 Dead 2

One day when I was going back to school in the middle of a bustling crowd the space before me started to become distorted and the next thing I know everything went black


When Shun Kurosaki opened his eyes he found out that he was in another place

"Where am I?" He mumbled

As he said that he found a vast plain of grass and a huge dragon appeared above him, at this time something struck his mind

"Oh my God! Oh my God! I can't believe this is happening! I'm really in another world! Is this fake? No this feels real! But I didn't even get hit by truck-kun! Well who cares I'm here!" He exclaimed

As he became overjoyed he thought to himself <that if he was transported here then that's mean he became op>

The moment he thought that he begun to shout many different kind of spells found in both games and anime


"Roar of the fire dragon"

"Distructo Disc!!!"

"Kamehame haaaahhhh!!!!"

As he did this nothing came out from his hand then he realized that he didn't became overpowered

"Wtf man! I didn't get overpowered! Did I got transported here as an ordinary civilian? No freaking way!"

As he yelled this words he suddenly noticed a book lying near the location where he woke up

"A book? Was it always there?"

Clearly he didn't remember a book near him when he woke up

As he picks up the book and opened the introductory page he found out that this book I not an ordinary book but rather a summoning book

"Oh my God! This is a summoning book! I can't believe it! Does that mean I can summon legendary beast like Leviathan and behemoth? Maybe I can also summon a beautiful angel or a valkerie or maybe my very own paladin and dark knights and let's include dragonsn at that"

As he become elated again he noticed a small note at the bottom of the page

(You can only summon League of legends champions)

"Wait what!?" He exclaimed