Chapter 1: System

[Somewhere In The Outskirts]

In a middle of a grassy plain shun Kurosaki is pondering at something as he saw a notice that only league characters can be summoned

"Is this thing serious? I can't summon other beings except this?"

As he asks this a voice suddenly popped up in his head as if it was his subconsciousness is calling out to him

<Initializing system program>


Hearing those sound shun became alerted and started to look around to see if he being delusional but he didn't see anyone

"What the heck was that?"

As he asks this the voice sounded up again

<This is the system>

Hearing this sudden intervention shun jumps up in shock

<Host shun Kurosaki! You have been granted by God an another life and gave you the power to summon beings>

<It's a compensation for you by God for accidentally pulling out your soul but he reasoned that you were in the way>

Hearing the explanation of how he died a vein popped up in his head

"This god.... He seems kinda idle isn't he?"

<Since having a high affinity for magic is kind of a standout for people in that world, he gave your summoning a restriction and based it on your favorite game>

"What? I can't be allowed to be even overpowered?"

<God has left you a message>

<Um... Hey! Yeah it's me god.... So by the way I transported your soul over there and created a body with exact image of your past self also gave you a skill called summoner so you can summon your favorite characters.... Anyway since your there have fun in there and your not my responsibility now cause the god in that world is different so that's all


You were in the way when the process happened so yeah kinda your fault too>

As the message ended shun suddenly went on a rampage

"You shitty God! What do you mean my fault? How could I have known about your so called operation? Don't you have any shame on you?come down here and I'll give you a good beating!"

He shouted all this on a empty air making it seem like crazy if there were people around


"What now? By the way how can I summon champions if this book is empty?"

He asked as he flipped the pages of the book

<Host! You need to unlock certain things as you level up to be able to cope up in this world>

"What why?

<This world is dangerous and the only thing you can do to survive is being strong so I advice host to level up through the task that I will give>

As the system said that shun looks around and asked

"So what is my level now?"

Hearing the question the system made the book flipped open automatically and stopped at a certain page

In it the status of shun Kurosaki showed up


Name: Shun Kurosaki

Age: 19 years old

Race: Human

Level: 0

Job: None

Title: Summoner

Skills: None

Rank: None


Seeing this shun have a sigh as he saw that he's a level 0 means that he's just starting from the very bottom

After thinking that maybe he should level up he asks the system

"So what task can you give me so that I can level up?"

When he asks this the system popped up a task for him I the book


<Task: level up

Task description: successfully arrive at the nearest town

Task reward: random mystery box
(Chance to obtain a champion)>


Seeing this  shun though that this was the easiest thing he have to do just to level up

"Huh? Isn't this kinda easy? Well if your that generous then might as well do it!"

As he said this he begin to walk straight to the nearest road

But as he moved through the grassy plain he begin to noticed that some of the grass are moving on its own and when he went to check it out he found a horned rabbit

"Aw a rabbit... I've always wanted a bunny rabbit and call him thumper!'

Ad he said this the rabbit bared it's razor sharp teeth and pounced at shun


Being shock he immediately ducked to dodge the assault but when he looks around the horned rabbit was about to attack again

Seeing this shun immediately made his escape as he ran through the grassy plain Thus later on arriving at the main road and escaping the horned rabbit

"Huh!.... That rabbit is nuts it actually wanted to eat me"

As he said this he found out that he arrived at a road and later saw a carriage driving down the path

Seeing this he waved his hands to signal the driver

When the carriage stops the driver asks shun

"Boy! What are you doing here?"

"Sorry about that but I'm Kanda loss so can I know where is the nearest town here?" Asks shun

"Town? Oh you mean Ruric town! We were just going to that town! Wanna come?" Asks the driver

"Um yeah! But we?" Asks shun

"Yeah! Me and my family!" Replied by the driver

As he said that four heads popped out of the carriage looking at him, one was a woman with town hair and kind features and the other is a twin boy and girl

"Hello! Nice to meet you! I'm his wife" said the wife

"Ah! Nice to meet you too... But the thing is can u really come with you guys?" Asks shun

"Sure no problem we'll get you to the town in no time" said the wife

Hearing those words shun even though to himself if there were really such a kind family to help a stranger like him

30 minutes later

As they arrived at the entrance in the gate shun gets off the carriage and thanked the family for helping him

"Thank you for your help I really appreciate it" said Shun

"No problem boy! Just call me if you want a lift" said the driver after that they immediately went off along the busy street

As he relaxed a voice popped up again

<Task: level up

Status: completed

Level up

0 to 1

Do you want to receive the reward?>