Chapter 2: My First Champion Yuumi

[Ruric Town]

As shun arrived at the entrance of Ruric town he received a message from the system that he completed his first ever quest and is ready to give him the random champion reward

Due to excitement he immediately replied with YES and suddenly his book quickly opened itself from a certain page then it shined

As the shine dispersed a picture of the champion have already occupied the blank page

< Yuumi
(The magical cat)

Status: already summoned>

As he saw his first champion shun was elated to see a familiar face but when he looked at the status he saw that such champion was already summoned

"Eh?! What? Already summoned but where is it?" he muttered

As he did this a paw suddenly poked him in the cheek from his shoulder


As he turned around he saw yuumi staring at him with it's bright big eyes

"Heya! Master!"

Seeing the champion coming to life shun was completely stunned after all every league player somehow wants to spend.time with the champions in real life back in his country

Seeing that her master was so shocked  she took out her own magical book and rides on it

Seeing this shun bursted out on joy

"Waaaaahhhhh!!!! I can't believe it's the actual yuumi! Oh my Go....." As he

When he comes to his senses he looks around and saw the guards looking at him with a weird expression

With this he embarrassingly entered the town to avoid shame while yuumi followed him by floating on a book

As the guards saw yuumi they immediately went dazed

"What the heck was that? A magical beast?"

"Maybe cause it talks"

As they chatted with each other shun already entered the town

As he entered h saw many infrastructure that one would see of a fantasy world town in shows

"Woah!" He exclaimed

As he admired this he suddenly got another quest from the system

<Task: Ranking up

Description: reach E rank

Reward: champion mystery box>

<Note: the moment host manage to acquire the champion he can learn their skills by training under them>

At first he was elated because he would receive another champion when he got to E rank but suddenly he went surprised when he saw the note

"I can learn their skills?"

As he thought this he asks yuumi when he can learn her skills and yuumi replied

"Well yeah master! You can learn my skill if you trained under me!"

As she answered him he was elated with joy an imagined himself when he use different champion skills, he will become quite overpowered with it

But first he decided that in order for him to become E rank, he have to register first at the Adventurer's guild so he immediately went straight for it as he asks around

As he walks along the town, gazes from different people landed on him and excited faces of children were directed at him

During this time the townspeople are quite shocked to see a cat floating beside a person while riding a book

All of them thought that it was some kind of magical beast

When he arrived at the Adventurer's guild he heard loud voices coming from all directions

With this he immediately head to the counter

But as he walks all people landed their gaze at him and yuumi

"What the heck? Who's that guy? Is that a summon?"

"Is he a summoner?"

"That cat looks so dignified like a noble cat!"

"Noble cat? Is there such a thing?"

"It's a metaphor! Metaphor!!!!!"

As he arrived at the counter the receptionist was quite shocked to see a cat floating beside shun

"Um! We.... Welcome to Ruric towns Adventurer's guild!"

As she greeted, she continued

"I'm Lana the receptionist here, what is your business here?" She asks

When shun looked at her, he thought that she was quite good looking

A girl with a shoulder length scarlet hair and a nice figure to booth, and also her red eyes that matches her re receptionist clothes and her hair

He wondered that if such a girl reached her late twenties she would really be a stunning beauty

"Ah! I want to register as an adventurer" said shun

"Ah an adventurer! Then pls sign this!... By the way are you going to register your familiar cat?" Asks Lana

With this yuumi replied

"Girl! I'm a magical cat! Not some ordinary, wild cat that you can find in the woods! I'm special!"

As it talks everyone became surprised as they exclaimed

"A magical beast!"

"I can't believe a magical beast appeared infront of us"

"Just who is this guy"

As they said this lana spoke with eyes sparkling from having a conversation with a magical beast

"Umu! With a magical beast in tow! The guild leader would have spoken to you directly but unfortunately he's not here! I'm sorry for our circumstances magical beast Sama!" She bowed

When yuumi heard this she became perplexed as she herself as a cat became embarrassed

"Well I don't mind! As long master takes care of me" said yuumi

When she said this all Adventurer's in their holds shun in high regard for making them witness a magical beast in flesh

"Ah! Your card is finished here!" Said Lana as she handed shuns card

When he reads it he noticed he started as a F rank

"Oh well I'm just gonna rank up to e rank and get my second champion" he thought to himself

When he thought this he asks Lana

"By the way do you have any quest for this kind of rank?" Asks shun

"Oh that? You can look for a quest on the board at the F rank section" replied Lana

Hearing this shun thanked Lana

When he arrived he saw herb collecting quest also some assistant needed quest

"So how about we take the herb collecting quest and see what's it's all about?" Asks shun

"Great idea master! But first we need you equiped and stomach full so how about let roam the town while we're at it?" Suggested yuumi

"That's a great idea!"