Chapter 3: Yuumi The Magical Cat

[Ruric Town, Weapon Shop]

Shun was currently scanning the interior o the weapon shop as he gaze at swords and armors he sees in there

He truly marveled the adventurous life, and now he will personally will experience being an adventurer

"Hmm... Let's start by buying a leather armor and I can trade it for my necklace! But wait I'll also include a short sword!" Muttered shun by himself

As picks up the leather armor and a short sword he immediately exchanged them for his pure silver necklace then after that he equipped them

He putted the leather armor atop of his t-shirt and puts his jacket inside the storage space in the book

"I wonder will I have to carry the book wherever I went?" He asks himself

Surely yuumi the champion that is quietly floating beside him spoke

"Not likely! If you have reaf your book thoroughly I says that you can make the book bind to your body so that it can use your body as a storage" said yuumi

"And since it's already bond you can try to flick your arm wrist to store the book" added yuumi

"Flick?" Exclaimed Shun

As he heard that he flicked his arm wrist and the book suddenly turned to a stream of light and seeps into into his skin

Not long after a magic circle actually appeared on the back of his palm

"Whoa! That's quite convenient"

As he said that he grew more fervous to try adventuring so he immediately ran off outside the west of town where monsters usually found there


[Outside Of Ruric Town, West Side]

As Shun arrived on the spot he discovered several beginner adventurers fighting small mobs of monsters

After that he then went straight ahead infront of the forest where herbs usually is found

"Look herbs!" Pointed out yuumi

"Your right!

The herbs that is infront of them clearly resembles the herbs that were being showed in the picture

As he picks it up he found more herbs similar to what he's finding and also some herbs he saw in other quest

"Oh my God! Looks like I hit the jackpot" exclaimed Shun

Even yuumi was quite shocked to see so many herbs gathered in

one spot

"Well with this we can rank up very fast!" Exclaimed Shun

"Scramble for it master!" Announced yuumi

Clearly both of them have the same intentions so Shun immediately picks up the herbs and stored it I the storage space in the book


As time passes all of the herbs around him were gone and stored in the book

When he was about to decide to go back he suddenly heard a yell for help


Hearing this both Shun and yuumi looked at each other and quickly headed out for the disturbance

When they arrived they saw a group of three adventurers

One was swordman the other was a mage while the other is a healer

"Bad team composition!" Muttered Shun

"I agree they didn't even have an Archer nor a tank to cover them!" Added yuumi

Clearly both of them were thinking the team composition in the game League of legends, as they understands the important of each role

But when he saw the unconscious mage he gave a sigh a ordered yuumi stall the three headed bear that was attacking the adventurers

Hearing that yuumi gave a reply

"I got it!"

As he said that Shun ran up to the adventurers while yuumi used her skills to get it's aggro


As she said that a projectile immediately shot out from yuumi and dashed forward to the three headed bear

Seeing this the monster quickly dodged it to the side but suddenly yuumi smiled as the projectile suddenly turned 90 degrees to tge rights and blasted the three headed bear


A huge explosion suddenly occured making shun himself dumbfounded by what he saw

"Wait! That's clearly different from the ordinary first skill of yuumi in the game!" He exclaimed

Seeing this the adventurers were also shocked but treated their mage otherwise

Looking at the mage shun carried the mage on his back as he told the female healer and the male swordsman to follow him

They both nodded to him while looking in astonishment in yuumi,after all yuumi just blasted away the monster

When they thought that it was over a load roar suddenly echoed and the three headed bear glared at them with blood all over his body

Seeing the condition of the bear he really thought that yuumi is really not meant for being support if this is how her first skill strong is

As the bear charged at them, both the swordman and the healer had a grim expression on their faces

At that moment shun ordered yuumi

"Take care of it!"

As he said that yuumi's book suddenly flipped rapidly to different pages as yuumi uses her ultimate


As she said that surge of wave energies suddenly slammed at the bears body causing it to stuck on its place and can't even move out

With a smile yuumi casted another projectile and fired it at the bear causing another explosion and finally killing the bear

"That's it? I'm quite disappointed" exclaimed yuumi

"As expected of a champion" muttered shun

With the three headed bears death he quickly stored it I his storage and headed for the town

As the sun was about to set the group finally arrived, they thanked shun for helping them and quickly left for the infirmary of the person

As the group left realization dawned on shun

"Wait! I should've told you to him yourself to that guy and heal him! Why didn't I think of that?" He howled

He clearly forgot about yuumi's heal which is convenient at times and headed out for the adventurers guild to hand over the result of his quest

"I should really need to learn how to fight" said shun

"Yes be hard working master!" Said yuumi

As they walked shun asks yuumi

"Hey! Can I you teach me how to do prowling projectile?"

With that yuumi nodded

"Sure! Just tell me when" said yuumi

"Great! Then we should hurry up to give the spoils of our quest so that I can start practicing it" said shun

"With me around! I think master could become stronger" said yuumi

As they chatted they continued to head down to the adventurers guild