Chapter 4: E-rank Up Test

[Ruric Town, Adventurers Guild]

As shun handed down the herbs that he collected, Lana immediately collected them as she recounted the reward and the collected herbs

As Lana was busy shun asked

"Oh yeah I also have this!"

As he said that shun immediately brought out the wild Grizzly Bear corpse out of his storage space in the book

Seeing this Lana was stupefied as she stares back at shun

Quickly after that Lana had a talk with the Guild master regarding the corpse then came back bringing the reward to shun

"Here 250 small Gold coins!!!" Said Lana

Seeing the shining coins shun was shocked by the reward

"Why is there so many? Didn't I just collected some herbs?"asks shun

"Yeah some of those... But most of it came from the reward money of that wild bear! And plus subjugating it was added to your achievement" said Lana while smiling

"Meaning?...." Asks shun

"Meaning your valid for a rank up" said Lana

"Congratulations!!!" She added

Hearing her Shun was perplexed on what to do after all he was not the one who killed the bear but the small adorable cat that is floating on his shoulder

"It's okay master take the credit! The achievement of a summon is a achievement of a Summoner" said yuumi

As he heard that Shun turned around and asks Lana

"What do I have to do?" He asks

"Simple! You just need to kill at least 10 rookie Timber wolves and 5 rookie Lycans" said Lana calmly

"Lycans? As in werewolves?" Asks Shun nervously while sweat was dripping in his face

"Yeah! Lycans!" Replied Lana

After hearing that Shun quickly left the guild and contemplated on what to do cause after all they're talking about Lycans for a rank up in f rank

"If only I had Warwick....." Muttered Shun

As he said that yuumi interjected in

"It says that such creatures only appear at night! How about we take our test today then come hunt them at night master?"

Looking at her Shun remembered yuumi was a champion so she was so strong

"Yeah sure! After all what could go wrong?" He said

[Ruined Temple]

When night came Shun immediately went to the site where Timberwolves and Lycans usually appear

At the first sighting of a Timberwolves, shun had a hard time wrestling against it until suddenly after tumbles and distances he found himself surrounded by 20 Lycans and 30 Timberwolves

Seeing his grave situation he immediately made a run for it while trying to fend off the monsters

"I knew it I shouldn't have said those lines" cried Shun as he runs through the woods

As he ran past a tree, a Timberwolf suddenly pounced on him so using the sword he brought he immediately blocked it's mouth as he stumbles to the ground

When he got hold of the wolf he quickly punched it and ran away

But not a moment after a Lycans swept it's hand slamming it to Shun's body sending him crashing to the rocks

"Guhah!" He cried as he spat out blood

"ZOOMIES" reacted yuumi immediately healing Shun


Immediately a bolt of light suddenly shot out of yuumi and headed straight for the Lycan

Seeing this the Lycan dodged it and ran to Shun while skipping side to side to avoid the curving projectile

"I can't hit him! It's too agile" complained yuumi

Seeing their situation Shun clenched his sword as he said

"Lead it to me"

Hearing the command yuumi controlled the projectile to lure the Lycan straight to Shun

As the Lycan approaches Shun stepped into the wall and did a back flip landing on the back of the Lycan, then he instantly stabbed it and burrowed it deep into it's flesh

Feeling being stabbed the Lycan rampaged and slammed Shun to the walls, it even slammed his body to the ground to make Shun fall

With the persistence of the Lycan shun ended it as he twist the sword that was stabbing the Lycan instantly killing it

As it falls he turned around only to see more Timberwolves running up to him

"This feels like a never ending wave" said Shun

"Yuumi!!!" Shouted Shun

"On it master!!!" Replied yuumi

Sensing the danger yuumi sent out multiple prowling projectile causing many loud explosions vibrated the woods

As the sound of explosions continued Shun himself tried to retaliate as he swings his sword

At one time a Timberwolf pounced on him only for Shun to instinctually stabbed it to it's stomach and rammed it to the rocks

"Haaaahhhh! Just die!" Shouted Shun as he pinned the struggling wolf

Whole he relaxed a little this made an opening for a another Timberwolf to bite him in the shoulder

"Agh!" Cried Shun

Seeing her master was bitten down yuumi sent a projectile to the Timberwolf exploding it to smithereens

"Master!" Cried yuumi as she binded herself to him and used ZOOMIES elevating his pain

But while she was healing shun a Lycan suddenly sprung up but yuumi immediately saw this and used FINAL CHAPTER to bind it to the ground

As she did that another Lycan attacked from the sides and since she sees this she immediately unbinded herself to protect shun thus she is the one who received a damage

As yuumi falls down while blood gushed out from her body she glared at the Lycan while using ZOOMIES to stop the bleeding

Seeing the danger where yuumi is, Shun suddenly heard a voice of the system when a spark of light flew into him from the killed monsters

<Level up
Level 1 -> Level 2

Reward random champion>

As the roll started to spin Shun clenched his fist and grabbed a rock and threw it at the Lycan getting it's attention

As it got hit by a rock the Lycan snarled at Shun making yuumi become more worried for shun than to herself

"Master don't!" She cried

"Yuumi trust me!" Exclaimed Shun as he stood up

Seeing his state the Lycan immediately ran up to shun and pounced him, at the same time the random champion summon suddenly stopped so Shun immediately gathered his Mana activating the book and shouted


with a streak of light the system said

<Summoning Rek'sai the Void Burrower>


With a loud scream a huge figure than is taller than the tallest man on Earth suddenly sprung out the ground and bared it's teeth and bites the Lycan while burying it's body back to the ground

Seeing a Lycan swallowed back to the earth just like that made all the monsters dumbfounded while for yuumi she smiled as if she found an accomplice

"Your dead now!" Stated Shun

As the monsters heard that a growl came from all of them but this was immediately drowned by a loud screech

As a creature in a size of two stored building suddenly sprung out behind Shun and bared it's teeth and jaws to the Lycans and Timberwolves

"Gentlemen!!! Meet Rek'sai" said Shun