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My name is Monev360 which is also the name of this channel and it's basically all about hip-hop music and culture. The videos I upload are for Hip-hop fans who love mc's with clever lyricism, producers who do sample-based, boom bap production and the hip-hop culture in general. I want to educate and entertain you through hip-hop music and culture so you can know that there is a community on YouTube that looks at the world in much the same way that you do. Or, if you are an aspiring artist/producer, you may see videos on here that inspire you and allow you to realize the possibilities of following your dreams and building a brand and an audience online. To quickly give you a tour of my channel, I have videos about the most sampled breakbeats in hip-hop, my favorite mc's and producers like Jay-Z, Black Thought, Eminem and J. Dilla, Pete Rock, and DJ Premier, and I also have a podcast called Hip-Hop Headz Podcast. If this sounds like content that you would like to see, please subscribe.