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Push peaks! Push peaks! 3,2,1 Bang! And all 500 racers of the 2018 Cirque Series at Snowbird Ski Resort in SLC, Utah were off to climb to MT. Baldy and back. That’s the moment I woke up and said to myself “What have you been doing all this time?” I have never been one to doubt myself in my ability to do anything but I had lingering thoughts in my overthinking, procrastinating brain that made me feel as if the shoe would surely never fit, even though I never actually tried it on. That day made me realize that the many business ideas, backpacking trips, and organized charity events would never come to fruition because of the lack of action.

I will more than likely battle with my inability to stop overthinking and procrastinating for the rest of my life but what I hope to achieve within my lifetime and of this blog is to share my journey and inspire others to become a better person through photography, adventures, and the stories that come with.