Buy Mr. Bracix a coffee


Hi I'm Glenn! Just some guy from Belgium who loves to create! Creativity is key in my life. I'm a business owner and Youtuber and like to share my journey with you.


I created this page so you could energize me with coffee!
Feel free to be my next top barista! ;-)


My story is one of many chapters and you can watch them on my YouTube channel 'MrBracix'.

I'm the founder of BRACIX.COM, an online store selling handmade quality beaded bracelets, you guessed that right...  That's where the channel's name comes from ;-) 

I'm also a Pokémon cards collector and I like gaming as well. 

Hopefully I can inspire people with the things I share, I love adding value to peoples lives. To keep me going I can use some support as well to upload more quality content out there!  

Whether it is 1, 3 or 5 cups, I guarantee that I will use the energy and enjoy the taste of your coffee(s) very well! 

Much love,