Over $500 million taxpayer’s money was given to the Democrats and Republicans for the 2020 election. This action is to redistribute taxpayer money to Libertarian, and Green Party so they can be more relevant in the next election

  1. Contact your county Election Office and ask to switch your party affiliation to a 3rd party, (terminology varies from state to state).

What will happen to the democrats and republicans?

  1. They can no longer rely on your vote.

  1. They can no longer use your name for corporate donations.

  1. They will have to earn your vote.

  1. You are taking away their money and power!

  1. The BIGGEST REASON will teach these bastards in DC we are taken back our country using their rules against them!

Every politician needs to earn your vote. And when it's your turn to vote that’s your sacred moment. And not because of the political parties or someone else's expectation. It's your vote! So who cares what political affiliation you belong to? So, it's not splitting our votes because, in the end, the right candidate will win.

This is how we start to make changes to our political system.

Live with purpose!