What I am proposing is revolutionary in our political system. But to make a change in our political system we have to take big bold moves to create a different outcome.

1. If you want to get involved, then you must get involved in your local political party in your county. Many important decisions are made that will have an impact on each election.

2. If you do not want to join the local party, then this is something that can be done easily. Switch your political affiliation to a 3rd Party and not to independences. This one action can change how the taxpayer’s money is spent each election year.

3. This action requires you to write to your state and federal representatives. If you do not think this does not work then explain to me why Roberta Jacobson, Border Tzar fired for her poor handling of the border crisis. Because people are contacting their representatives and telling them this is not ok!

These are very effective actions you can take now besides it's your right to do so!

Liv with Purpose