Many great stories are built on defeat. We all have accepted the 2020 election. But we now have a civil duty to assure moving forward we hold every Bastard in DC accountable. This includes our state representatives. Remember President Trump lost because he was not properly represented at the state level.

Georgia passed new voting laws and is auditing 20,000 votes to assure that these voters are legit.

Arizona, a judge has ruled in favor of auditing approx. 2 million votes to assure that these voters are legit.

As a collective in each of these states citizens, like you, fighting for their voice to be heard. The representatives felt the pain and took action. If one of these states discovers anything fraudulent, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin will be under a microscope. If you live in any of these states you should be emailing your representatives and let them know you want voter integrity laws before the next election.

As we work together our voices become louder… we will become the collective!

Liv with Purpose.