In a month, Biden Administration is destroying the United States economy and more importantly, the middle class and you are allowing it. My social platforms are blowing up because Biden’s Administration running the country like a dictator with his executive orders. Congress and the Senate passing bills that do nothing for American’s. I know a lot of Biden supporters who are family, friends and business who regret voting for Biden.

1. COVID bill - $1.9 Trillion and only less than 9% is going to Americans. Over 90% is going to special interested, large corporations, foreign countries, and pork projects. WHY CAN’T WE HAVE A CLEAN BILL FOR COVID THAT FOCUSES ON AMERICAN’S? Why does it have to be politicians' PET PROJECTS or taking care of your donors?

2. Biden wants pipelines for Russia, China, and Qatar but shutdowns the pipelines in the United States for environmental reasons.

3. Equality Act – Shameful! For over 100 years women fought for equality and now it’s being taken away by you guys. How is this going to benefit women's sports?

4. US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller requesting 82nd Airborne be put on alert status as mounting anger over airstrikes continue, per WH official. Blinken trying to downplay everything. BOMBING SRYIA! Really? Where do you stand on this? Why are we putting American’s in harm's way?

5. OPENING BORDERS during a pandemic? Washington shut down churches, schools, small businesses because we are controlling the spread of the COVID virus. But it's ok to open the borders and bringing in people from another country. Don’t we have strict travel guidelines?

6. JOBLESS over 3 million jobs loss under Biden’s Administration. Biden’s Executive Orders are killing jobs.

7. Prescription Drug prices have increased by 200+% under Biden’s Administration.

PEOPLE are clearly upset with Biden’s administration, DC politics, and the establishment. So, what are you going to do about it?