Senator / Congressman:

“…stopping COVID-19 is the Biden-Harris administration’s number one priority”, Secretary Blinken.

If this is the case then why does the Biden’s Administration has on open southern border policy allowing thousand, of migrants with the new COVID strain. New York detected its first case of the coronavirus variant initially found in Brazil, known as P.1, joining the ranks of at least 18 states reporting cases of the new variant.


Biden’s Administration caused the issue of the border and now is responsible for spreading the new COVID P1. So, what actions are you taking to address this issue with Biden?

“Even if we vaccinate all 332 million people in the United States tomorrow, we would still not be fully safe from the virus, not while it’s still replicating around the world and turning into new variants that could easily come here and spread across our communities again. And not if we want to fully reopen our economy or start traveling again. Plus, if other countries’ economies aren’t rebounding because they’re still afflicted with COVID, that’ll hurt our recovery too”, Secretary Blinken

So, this is a very confusing statement and PR mess. In other words, getting a shot will not even protect us per Secretary Blinken. Are we taking these shots to enrich the pharma special interest groups?

I am looking forward to hearing from you on how you are going to handle these issues.