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Hello you lovely lot!

Firstly if you've "Bought me a cuppa" I'd like to say thank you! It means the world to me during this difficult time!

Unfortunately I recently lost my job of 8 years just over a month ago and I'm now starting to struggle with keeping on top of finances as I'm sure you can understand, Watching what's left of my savings go down is Heart breaking and incredibly stressful so every cuppa you give means more to me than you'll ever know. 

By becoming a Member you've chosen to support me for the long run, you've earned the fitting title of an Absolute Unit and bagged yourself a free commission along with getting me closer to my set goal.

All your support will go towards paying my bills until I can support myself financially again. If I continue this page beyond that point then it'll be saved into a savings account where I can put it to good use in the future. It will not go to waste. Thank you all