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So, i don't sell anything, really. i'm just a guy with a 3D printer, making  equipment to assist Healthcare workers and other people on the frontline of this pandemic, down here in the South Hams Region of Devon, UK.

At the moment, all i produce are straps for surgical masks, to ease strain and to aid in the treatment of sores being caused by use of PPE whilst working. I'm hoping to increase my production capacity, and i am hoping others may be able to help with material costs to keep production running. again, this is offered free. pro-bono. i ask no fees for the products and i expect no favours from it.

within 10 hours i have had requests for over 500 of these straps

As it stands, i can produce approximately 250 of these straps from 1 kilogram of PLA filament. i can also print at a rate of about 80 straps per day. so my material supplies will not last at this rate, and neither will my bank account.

all i ask is for any donations, however much anyone can afford at this time, to help buy more filament, to keep producing these straps and to continues to try and make our workers lives that little bit easier.

if you know me personally, you'd know that this is killing me inside to ask others for help, but with overwhelming support (and orders) in such a short amount of time, it seems like hey, if i'm gonna ask for help on a project, it might as well be this one. a little bit goes a long way too, as the material required to make these is hilariously cheap

and, if you folks are feeling way too generous,  and for some reason i end up with hundreds of pounds and a waiting list of a few weeks, i will purchase a second printer to double my production rates (at the moment, about £230  can get another Ender-3 Printer). if this was to happen, this printer would not become my property. this purchase would be made specifically for the purpose of printing more of these straps. the day we can go back to school, work, our parents houses and the parks with no fear, this second machine would be donated to a local school.

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