Hey Everyone!

I've now been in Mexico for almost 7 months and I have to tell you it's been something to speak of. I really want to be honest with you about life here, so I won't sugar-coat anything, OK?! Here we go!

I want to say that I moved to Mexico and I'm not visiting. I wanted to move here on purpose. I wasn't a global trekker who moved from place to place in a few weeks. I was here for a longer stay...up to a year.

Mexico is not for the faint of heart or for those who are too comfortable with the U.S. and cannot step out of their comfort zone for any real length of time. There are certain oddities that I had to get used to, real quick! You cannot flush toilet paper, the internet is really sucky, and Mexicans have their own culture of the time.

The food is great and the people are the most hardworking and very sincere people I have met abroad. Their sense of family is deep and they welcome you into their families like you were always a cousin, aunt, or sister. Mexican people are fabulous.

I have my frustrations with Mexico and how I get paid, but at least I have a job. I cannot get reliable internet but I cannot complain since it's free. I cannot flush toilet paper, but the food and other necessities are affordable, fresh, and without pesticides and steroids.

There is a give and take when you move to Mexico and you must be flexible and willing to tolerate a real culture change. If you cannot do these 2 things, don't consider living here. Just come to visit.

Happy & Safe Travels