Aug 10, 2022

Where I'm at now update

As you may have read in my 'General update' post, I had to have surgery on my hand. This was finally done back in May 2022, after allergic reactions to medications and a far slower rate of recovery than anticipated by me, I'm finally coming out of the other side with I hand I can almost fully use again ... hence this typing. The operation was a success, no pins or plates were used and eventually the physical healing has gone well. I'm now at the rehabilitation phase, one... more

Mar 19, 2022

An advert to all - digital design

So I’ve realised today not everyone has the skill with digital design; be that for flyers, tickets, digital promotion photos etc.I do have this skill set together with website design and hosting that is SWer industry friendly.If you need help for a quick re do of an advert, creating them from scratch or even website design … get in touch.My fees are from £10 per hour depending on the job 😁More than happy to show past work as examples, just ask to see them.... more


Mar 11, 2022

General update

Aug 25, 2021

I want to hear about your negative experiences

If you are a sub who has been stung by a scam or fallen fowl of non-consensual findoms, then I would like to hear from you - why because I want to with your consent use your collective experiences in the training in creating for others.

Aug 25, 2021

Tips and advice for subs - Post 3

Details for subsSo I’m covering this topic in a lot of different places at the moment, so I might as well make it a post of its own here. For the benefit of all subordinate denominations: Many of you fall victim to the plethora of scams and con artists of the internet’s age of instadomme - the likes of whom have little to no idea what BDSM actually is, and becoming a unwilling victim of theirs can happen to any of you. As such it stands to reason that an... more

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May 21, 2021

Tips and advice for the subs - Post 2
I've just landed on here
How I'm using this account
Post 1 - Intro & brief background
Post 2 - Tips for getting started
Post 3 - Do's and Don'ts