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Hello guys!

I have been receiving a lot of messages after sharing my Pout-Pout Fish Digital Library recently.  People are asking for the other libraries I've created, and if they can make a donation for sharing my resources.  It is NOT expected, but I do love coffee! 😊

I have created several new themed libraries that I think students will enjoy.  You can find the links below.  

Thanks for all the comments, questions and interest in my libraries!  I love that there are so many kind and generous teachers out there that are willing to work together.  

Have a fabulous school year!

❤️Veronica Menjivar

Check out all my latest virtual libraries at my FB group, Teachers in a Virtual World.

Lisa Perez
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Thanks for sharing your awesome work! My all virtual 2nd graders in Tampa, Fl love your libraries and I love I can change them out to keep it fresh. Thank you so much!!

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Someone bought 3 coffees.