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My images are free to see on my photo blog anyway.
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You can find my work on

You may know my photographs from my fotoblog or from one of my social media channels. Photogdaphing is a hobby for me. But I don't see my work as just my private pleasure. Many people are interested in photography or simply enjoy beautiful pictures. For these people, i regularly publish my pictures partly in fedivers and in their entirety on my photo blog.

I try to continuously develop and expand my hobby. 

You can support me by buying me a coffee. Hereby you help me in the acquisition of the small things I need for my hobby or also in the acquisition of additional hardware or software. Where currently e.g. graphics tablet and Photoshop CC belong to the bigger things.

Additional content I will not provide here. For one thing, photography is only a hobby for me and not a profession. On the other hand you can view my work on my photo blog for free.