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Hey! I'm Mushy Asghar. Formally known for appearing on the EMMY award winning series - Educating Yorkshire. Seven years on from the show, I now live life as keynote speaker, journalist and a content creator! I create content to help inspire and motivate people around the world. Hopefully, you guys will support me along the way by generously donating towards the cause! All love, Mushy ❤️
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Sending best wishes, enjoying your content.

Thank you so much for the donation and thank you for the message ♥️

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Well done Musharraf. I masked my voice for my first big job interview. It worked and I got the job. After that I ditched the device. My speech gradually improved with good quality speech therapy. 

Amazing bro. congratulations my brother. may Allah give you nothing but success. ameen. Thank you for the donation! ❤️ 

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You are truly inspirational!! please keep inspiring others and sharing your lovely content and amazing positive energy, wishing you nothing but happiness and success✨ 

Thank you so much for the lovely message. god bless you! 


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Carry on what your doing bro! Loving the new content ;)

Jazakallah my brother ♥️